Denia is a thriving Spanish town situated on the Costa Blanca approximately halfway between the airports at Alicante and Valencia. It is a pleasantly busy fishing and ferry port serving the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Majorca.

It is true to say that some villas may have accessible features but they are not in a locality conducive to people maintaining their independence whilst on holiday. For example; how many times do you find accessible properties in hopelessly inaccessible locations; on the sides of hills, miles away from anywhere, especially a beach. That certainly isn't the case with the location of this villa.

Our villa, No. 10 Carrer de la Llampuga, is located in an area which is flat and level for miles. Should you wish, you can travel in either direction for as long as you want and you will still find a beach not very far away.

There are at least six restaurants in the locality heading in either direction, with the nearest of these not more than 100 meters away. There are also supermarkets in either direction... both within a comfortable walking distance, but a vehicle is always handy if you intend buying your shopping for a week or so... remembering that it is normally necessary to purchase water in abundance in Spain.

Quite simply, this villa provides an ideal holiday location for those people who would normally find it quite difficult to take a holiday abroad. A comfortable well-designed villa with a private pool, accessible beach only a few minutes away, local restaurants, bars, supermarkets and not forgetting something for the ladies ... shopping!

The villa is comprehensively equipped, and having had all its features designed by a disabled person, it is ideal for those with high-dependency needs. Whilst its design has been developed on the premise that the holidaymaker staying at the villa will be accompanied by a carer or assistant, it would be equally comfortable for those without high-dependency needs. All things considered we believe this villa to be one of the best available ... and though we wouldn't pretend that everything is 100% perfect for 100% of disabled people - it is certainly much, much better than most !!